Young Writers in IMAS

Under the Sea’  was a one month’s paid residency at IMAS, in 2017, for two writers. It was made possible thanks to the generous funding of Inspiring Australia and of course IMAS. IMAS has embraced photographers, choreographers and visual artists as partners in their exploration and scientific inquiry to help bring their work to the public.

Jessica Cockerill and Suzi Claflin have been hot desking at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies and working hard to share IMAS work with the world.

Weekly Returns by Suzie Claflin
A beautiful essay about the use of whaling data to gain insight into these amazing marine mammals. It is gentle, even as it’s sad, and hopeful, even as it acknowledges a past we cannot hide from.

Read an interview with Suzie here.

The Faces of Our Changing Oceans by Jessica Cockerill
Jessica came to us with an expression if interest that was a little bit different. Also an accomplished illustrator, Jessica has produced a touching and insightful essay around her experiences on placement at IMAS. I do suggest you look at it in full size, the illustrations are beautiful.

Read an interview with Jessica here.