Jane Naqvi

Jane Naqvi
Jane Naqvi

Jane Naqvi is a Tasmanian and was a teacher for more years than she cares to admit. Her passions, amongst all age groups, came from Australian Studies, Aboriginal Studies (Tasmania), Asian Studies, English, Drama and directing plays and musicals.

Publications for Schools

1995  Teaching about the Ramayana: Curriculum Corporation

1995   Into India: Curriculum Corporation

1984 – 86 What’s my Culture? Getting Together, Multicultural Practice and Monocultural Classrooms, Snowballs in a Furnace, As Equal as Us (with Robyn Scharaschkin): Education Department of Tasmania

Short Stories for Children (Schools)

1987  The Scorpion Garden, The Eid Moon: Hodja Educational Resources

1986  How do people in neighbouring countries live (India): McGraw Hill


Jane decided that the time was right to move on from the teaching career she loved in order to travel overseas to visit her far-flung children, to undertake walking adventures with friends, to pick up grandkids after school and being duped into buying copious amounts of ice cream.

And when she returned home to Tinderbox and a shack at Coles Bay – she wrote.



2020  Jackjumper: FortySouth publishing, Tasmania


Jackjumper is fiction, born from life experiences.

It is available from Jane’s website, which also contains illustrations by artist Alex Pitt, the book’s blurb, and comments and reviews. It can also be bought on-line from FortySouth, and from bookshops (under Tasmania and/or Literary Fiction).

Jackjumper is a novel that takes you right into the minds of its protagonists. Every scene so vividly described you can almost smell the salty breeze on a beach in Tasmania or frying spices inside a crumbling ancestral Indian home. It is a story of our times, and times past, and you feel the pull back and forth of human choice, or geography, of the invisible familial ties that bind. It is also richly funny, and also beautifully poetic. Authentic writing that can have a physical effect on the reader. At its core, it remains a story of love, of deep human flaws, and the will to survive the poison of a thousand tiny insect bites.                                                                                                                (Anonymous)




Website:  Jackjumpernovel.com

Email:       Jackjumpernovel@gmail.com