Fiona Lohrbaecher

Fiona Lohrbaecher
Fiona Lohrbaecher

Fiona Lohrbaecher is an Anglo-Irish Tasmanian author, poet and playwright. She has worked as a journalist in West Australia and a free-lance writer with articles published in the UK and Australia.

She has published 4 books, 2 for children and 2 for almost children. Her short plays, Some Hope, The Rehearsal, Peace, Google It, In The Park, The Wyrd Sisters, Midnight Bus Stop and The Morning After have all been performed in Hobart.


Triffic Tales – a quirky and amusing collection of short stories and cartoons

Princesses, Pigs and Peccadilloes – 4 delightful short stories for children

Don’t Laugh While You’re Eating – a hilariously zany collection of food-themed poems for kids that will make grown-ups laugh out loud

The Ballad of Kangaroo Lil – a rollicking true blue bush ballad featuring 40 colour photos of the Australian bush.

Fiona is also a visual artist and cartoonist. Previews of her books, a writing blog and examples of her work can be found at: