Eleanor Coombe

Eleanor Coombe
Eleanor Coombe

Eleanor Coombe is a popular children’s author with more than forty books to her credit.  She was born and raised in Tasmania and loves the beaches and the wilderness which has a great influence on her writing.

Eleanor also writes under the pseudonym of Dan Jerris and has eighteen titles in the series the Dragon Blood Pirates.

Eleanor also lectured in communications at Canberra University and was awarded a Distinguished Alumni Award for her work as the author of many successful children’s books and children’s games.


Education qualifications and awards:

2015: Ambassador For The Tasmanian Premier’s Reading Challenge.
2008: The Faraway Fairies was listed in Books Alive. 50 books world wide that the Australian government recommended Australians should read.
2000: Distinguished Alumni Award: (Canberra University) in recognition of contributions to children’s literature and games.


List of Books Published For children:

The Faraway Fairy Series (12 titles ): Lothian: Hachette Publishing.
The Dragon Blood Pirate series (Pen name: Dan Jerris) (18 titles): Lothian: Hachette Publishing. (Also published in UK, Brazil, Turkey.)
Arky Steele: Guardian of the Tomb. Lothian: Hachette Publishing. (Also published in France and Turkey)
Arky Steele: The Cursed City. Hachette. (Also published in France and Turkey)
A Treasury of Fairy Tales (four titles: Waiting for the Fairies, Tapio’s cup, Dragon’s Treasure, Desert Secrets.) Pan MacMillan.
Book of Fairy Spells: Pan MacMillan.
Designed and created a Bananas in Pyjamas Game: licensed with Mattel.
Giant Glow Book of Games: Pancake Press.
Antares: self published.
The Sea Witch’s Treasure: self published.
The Yoopasootix: Funtastic publishing.
Fairy Secrets: Pan MacMillan.
Ultimate Fairy Omnibus: Pan MacMillan.


Books For Adults

Dragon’s Pearl: self published.
Burying Ground Point: self published.
All Kinds of Death (collection of short stories): self published.
Living in the House that Doesn’t Exist. Self published.
Superstitions: Landsdowne Press.
Desert Diamonds: Short Story accepted for The Cup of Equity, Canberra University collection of short stories, with such authors as: Natasha Stott-Despoja, Les Murray, Bill Mandle, and forwarded by Sir William Dean.