Welcome to our Tasmanian Writer Database


The Tasmanian Writers Centre enjoys supporting our state’s highly active literary community and its impressive pool of established and published authors. Explore this database to learn about some of the standout literary talent in Tasmania.

Our database is a work-in-progress, and our vision is to feature all published Tasmanian writers, across all genres. We very much welcome your suggestions and additions, so if you are a Tasmanian writer and you would like to be included, please drop us an email at admin@taswriters.org.

Cameron Peter McDonald Cameron Peter McDonald

Cameron Peter McDonald

N E Absolom N E Absolom

N E Absolom

Alison Alexander Alison Alexander

Alison Alexander

Erika Altmann Erika Altmann

Erika Altmann

Karen Armstrong Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong

Robbie Arnott Robbie Arnott

Robbie Arnott

Ellie Atkinson Ellie Atkinson

Ellie Atkinson

Terry Aulich Terry Aulich

Terry Aulich

Heidi Auman Heidi Auman

Heidi Auman

Susan Austin Susan Austin

Susan Austin

Kim Bambrook Kim Bambrook

Kim Bambrook

Angelica Banks Angelica Banks

Angelica Banks

Stuart Barnes Stuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes

Robert Batten Robert Batten

Robert Batten

Teresa Beck-Swindale Teresa Beck-Swindale

Teresa Beck-Swindale

Erica Bell Erica Bell

Erica Bell

John Biggs John Biggs

John Biggs

Sarah Billington Sarah Billington

Sarah Billington

Margaret Blake Margaret Blake

Margaret Blake

Anne Blythe-Cooper Anne Blythe-Cooper

Anne Blythe-Cooper

Christina Booth Christina Booth

Christina Booth

Chaille Bos Chaille Bos

Chaille Bos

Louise Bowers Louise Bowers

Louise Bowers

James Boyce James Boyce

James Boyce

Net Brennan Net Brennan

Net Brennan

Roy and Hilda Bridges Roy and Hilda Bridges

Roy and Hilda Bridges

Timothy Bristow Timothy Bristow

Timothy Bristow

Ron Brooks Ron Brooks

Ron Brooks

SJ Brown SJ Brown

SJ Brown

Bob Brown Bob Brown

Bob Brown

Patsy Cameron Patsy Cameron

Patsy Cameron

Elisabeth Cannell Elisabeth Cannell

Elisabeth Cannell

Peter Carey Peter Carey

Peter Carey

James Charlton James Charlton

James Charlton

Mark Clemens Mark Clemens

Mark Clemens

Anne Collins Anne Collins

Anne Collins

Christiane Conesa Bostock Christiane Conesa Bostock

Christiane Conesa Bostock

Eleanor Coombe Eleanor Coombe

Eleanor Coombe

Suzy Cooper Suzy Cooper

Suzy Cooper

Robert Cox Robert Cox

Robert Cox

Michelle Crawford Michelle Crawford

Michelle Crawford

Verity Croker Verity Croker

Verity Croker

Louise Dando-Collins Louise Dando-Collins

Louise Dando-Collins

Ruth Dawkins Ruth Dawkins

Ruth Dawkins

Young Dawkins Young Dawkins

Young Dawkins

Sarah Day Sarah Day

Sarah Day

Geoff Dean Geoff Dean

Geoff Dean

Don Defenderfer Don Defenderfer

Don Defenderfer

Blair Denholm Blair Denholm

Blair Denholm

Isla Dennes Isla Dennes

Isla Dennes

Robert Dessaix Robert Dessaix

Robert Dessaix

Pete Diggins Pete Diggins

Pete Diggins

Steve Dillon Steve Dillon

Steve Dillon

James Dryburgh James Dryburgh

James Dryburgh

Rosie Dub Rosie Dub

Rosie Dub

Kylie Dunn Kylie Dunn

Kylie Dunn

Rodney Dunn Rodney Dunn

Rodney Dunn

Rae Earl Rae Earl

Rae Earl

Adrienne Eberhard Adrienne Eberhard

Adrienne Eberhard

Stephanie Eslake Stephanie Eslake

Stephanie Eslake

Matthew Evans Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans

Liz Evans Liz Evans

Liz Evans

Jim Everett Jim Everett

Jim Everett

Robyn Eversole Robyn Eversole

Robyn Eversole

Lea Farrow Lea Farrow

Lea Farrow

Natasha Fay Natasha Fay

Natasha Fay

Lynne Fellowes Lynne Fellowes

Lynne Fellowes

Kim Finney Kim Finney

Kim Finney

Jen Fitzgibbon Jen Fitzgibbon

Jen Fitzgibbon

Richard Flanagan Richard Flanagan

Richard Flanagan

Paul Fleming Paul Fleming

Paul Fleming

Dirk Flinthart Dirk Flinthart

Dirk Flinthart

Caroline Flood Caroline Flood

Caroline Flood

Carol Freeman Carol Freeman

Carol Freeman

Robyn Friend Robyn Friend

Robyn Friend

Lucy Frost Lucy Frost

Lucy Frost

Michael Giacometti Michael Giacometti

Michael Giacometti

Laurie Gilbert Laurie Gilbert

Laurie Gilbert

Nicole Gill Nicole Gill

Nicole Gill

Nick Glade Wright Nick Glade Wright

Nick Glade Wright

Elizabeth Goodsir Elizabeth Goodsir

Elizabeth Goodsir

Kate Gordon Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon

Erica ‘E.J’ Gore Erica ‘E.J’ Gore

Erica ‘E.J’ Gore

Elisha Goss Elisha Goss

Elisha Goss

Peter Gouldthorpe Peter Gouldthorpe

Peter Gouldthorpe

Posie Graeme-Evans Posie Graeme-Evans

Posie Graeme-Evans

Frances Gray Frances Gray

Frances Gray

Susie Greenhill Susie Greenhill

Susie Greenhill

Bradley Trevor Greive Bradley Trevor Greive

Bradley Trevor Greive

Craig Griffiths Craig Griffiths

Craig Griffiths

Alice Hansen Alice Hansen

Alice Hansen

Kristyn Harman Kristyn Harman

Kristyn Harman

Lesley Harrison Lesley Harrison

Lesley Harrison

Greta Harvey Greta Harvey

Greta Harvey

Gwen Harwood Gwen Harwood

Gwen Harwood

Jodie Hawthorne Jodie Hawthorne

Jodie Hawthorne

Pete Hay Pete Hay

Pete Hay

Nalini Haynes Nalini Haynes

Nalini Haynes

Mark Heyward Mark Heyward

Mark Heyward

Cameron Hindrum Cameron Hindrum

Cameron Hindrum

Daddy Hipster Daddy Hipster

Daddy Hipster

Ngaire Hobbins Ngaire Hobbins

Ngaire Hobbins

Robyn Hopcroft Robyn Hopcroft

Robyn Hopcroft

Anthony (Tony) Hope Anthony (Tony) Hope

Anthony (Tony) Hope

Patrick Howard Patrick Howard

Patrick Howard

Kerry Howells Kerry Howells

Kerry Howells

Julie Hunt Julie Hunt

Julie Hunt

Katherine Johnson Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson

Henry Johnston Henry Johnston

Henry Johnston

Peter Kay Peter Kay

Peter Kay

Judy Keen Judy Keen

Judy Keen

Anne Kellas Anne Kellas

Anne Kellas

Suzanne King Suzanne King

Suzanne King

Karen Knight Karen Knight

Karen Knight

Donald Knowler Donald Knowler

Donald Knowler

Christopher Koch Christopher Koch

Christopher Koch

Finegan Kruckemeyer Finegan Kruckemeyer

Finegan Kruckemeyer

David Laing David Laing

David Laing

Graham Lang Graham Lang

Graham Lang

Kristen Lang Kristen Lang

Kristen Lang

Monte John Latham Monte John Latham

Monte John Latham

Zanna Laws Zanna Laws

Zanna Laws

Anne Layton-Bennett Anne Layton-Bennett

Anne Layton-Bennett

Greg Lehman Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman

Cary Lenehan Cary Lenehan

Cary Lenehan

Lindsey Little Lindsey Little

Lindsey Little

John Livermore John Livermore

John Livermore

Fiona Lohrbaecher Fiona Lohrbaecher

Fiona Lohrbaecher

Amanda Lohrey Amanda Lohrey

Amanda Lohrey

Kathryn Lomer Kathryn Lomer

Kathryn Lomer

Rowan MacDonald Rowan MacDonald

Rowan MacDonald

Maggie MacKellar Maggie MacKellar

Maggie MacKellar

Peter Macrow Peter Macrow

Peter Macrow

Angela J. Maher Angela J. Maher

Angela J. Maher

Alison Mann Alison Mann

Alison Mann

Jackie Merchant Jackie Merchant

Jackie Merchant

Tara Marlow Tara Marlow

Tara Marlow

Ben Marshall Ben Marshall

Ben Marshall

Carol Ann Martin Carol Ann Martin

Carol Ann Martin

Robyn Mathison Robyn Mathison

Robyn Mathison

Jodi McAlister Jodi McAlister

Jodi McAlister

Claire McCarthy Claire McCarthy

Claire McCarthy

Dane McCormack Dane McCormack

Dane McCormack

Gay McKinnon Gay McKinnon

Gay McKinnon

Liz McQuilkin Liz McQuilkin

Liz McQuilkin

Gina Mercer Gina Mercer

Gina Mercer

Sharon Moore Sharon Moore

Sharon Moore

Anne Morgan Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan

Ron Moss Ron Moss

Ron Moss

Robyn Mundy Robyn Mundy

Robyn Mundy

Adam Muyt Adam Muyt

Adam Muyt

Bethamy Nader Bethamy Nader

Bethamy Nader

Mallika Naguran Mallika Naguran

Mallika Naguran

Jane Naqvi Jane Naqvi

Jane Naqvi

R. A. O’Brien R. A. O’Brien

R. A. O’Brien

Shelley O’Reilly Shelley O’Reilly

Shelley O’Reilly

Sally Odgers Sally Odgers

Sally Odgers

Kanako Okiron Kanako Okiron

Kanako Okiron

Adam Ouston Adam Ouston

Adam Ouston

David Owen David Owen

David Owen

Louise Oxley Louise Oxley

Louise Oxley

Favel Parrett Favel Parrett

Favel Parrett

Shirley Patton Shirley Patton

Shirley Patton

Kaybee Pearson Kaybee Pearson

Kaybee Pearson

Margaretta Pos Margaretta Pos

Margaretta Pos

Merridy Pugh Merridy Pugh

Merridy Pugh

Sean Rabin Sean Rabin

Sean Rabin

Ingrid Ramsdale Ingrid Ramsdale

Ingrid Ramsdale

Tansy Rayner Roberts Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tansy Rayner Roberts

Lyn Reeves Lyn Reeves

Lyn Reeves

Heather Rose Heather Rose

Heather Rose

Joshua Santospirito Joshua Santospirito

Joshua Santospirito

Megan Schaffner Megan Schaffner

Megan Schaffner

Katherine Scholes Katherine Scholes

Katherine Scholes

Margaret Scott Margaret Scott

Margaret Scott

Tim Slade Tim Slade

Tim Slade

Cameron Wayne Smith Cameron Wayne Smith

Cameron Wayne Smith

Edith Speers Edith Speers

Edith Speers

Fiona Stocker Fiona Stocker

Fiona Stocker

Jackie Swift Jackie Swift

Jackie Swift

Leigh Swinbourne Leigh Swinbourne

Leigh Swinbourne

Lian Tanner Lian Tanner

Lian Tanner

Alan Taylor Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor

Jeanette Meredith Thompson Jeanette Meredith Thompson

Jeanette Meredith Thompson

Deborah Thomson Deborah Thomson

Deborah Thomson

Tim Thorne Tim Thorne

Tim Thorne

Angus Thornett Angus Thornett

Angus Thornett

Michael Thornton Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton

Peter Timms Peter Timms

Peter Timms

Steve Tolbert Steve Tolbert

Steve Tolbert

Rachael Treasure Rachael Treasure

Rachael Treasure

Rachel Tribout Rachel Tribout

Rachel Tribout

Jon Tucker Jon Tucker

Jon Tucker

Coral Tulloch Coral Tulloch

Coral Tulloch

Philomena van Rijswijk Philomena van Rijswijk

Philomena van Rijswijk

Arjun von Caemmerer Arjun von Caemmerer

Arjun von Caemmerer

Ross Walker Ross Walker

Ross Walker

Ben Walter Ben Walter

Ben Walter

Malcolm Ward Malcolm Ward

Malcolm Ward

Ella Watkins Ella Watkins

Ella Watkins

Barry Weston Barry Weston

Barry Weston

Terry Whitebeach Terry Whitebeach

Terry Whitebeach

Ian Kennedy Williams Ian Kennedy Williams

Ian Kennedy Williams

Jane Williams Jane Williams

Jane Williams

Garry Willmott Garry Willmott

Garry Willmott

Carolyn Winchcombe Carolyn  Winchcombe

Carolyn Winchcombe

Danielle Wood Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood