What We’re Reading #5

Welcome to our new blog series, What We’re Reading. Each blog features a member of the Tasmanian Writers Centre team, shedding light on their literary journey by giving you a taste of the story they’ve welcomed into their lives.

What are you reading?

Marion Stoneman, Member Services


I love reading widely and I’m one of those people who visits the library nearly every week and has stacks of books beside the bed hoping that somehow I’ll be able to absorb them by proximity (see Kudelka’s Bookmosis, his August cartoon in his 2017 calendar)! I also hate wasting time in the car on my daily commute, so I have an audio-book ‘further reading program’ – I browse the library shelves and find something that looks interesting to listen to. This doesn’t always work, as some books require too much concentration, for example, I gave up on Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall because I just couldn’t keep track of the characters.

So at the moment, I’m reading Jessica Watson’s True Spirit – her memoir of her record-breaking solo round the world sailing trip, I’ve just finished Anne Blythe Cooper’s The Shape of Water, and next in my pile is Jennifer Livett’s Wild Island. In the car, I’ve just finished listening to Tim Winton’s Island Home and now I’m listening to Room by Emma Donoghue. I see a bit of a fixation on islands and boats in this lot, but that does sound like me.