Robyn Mundy

Dr Robyn Mundy is the author of two literary novels, The Nature of Ice, published by Allen & Unwin, and Wildlight published in 2016 by Picador. She is co-author of the young readers’ Epic Adventure: Epic Voyages, while her short fiction appears in Australian and USA literary journals, in The Best Australian Stories 2013, and in a forthcoming Anthology of Loss.

Robyn holds a PhD in Writing (Edith Cowan University, Western Australia) and a Master of Arts in English (University of New Mexico, USA). In Hobart she works as a sessional university lecturer in creative writing, and runs workshops with the Tasmanian Writers Centre.

Her other passion is travelling to far-flung places, most of them cold. Robyn works seasonally for Aurora Expeditions as an Assistant Expedition Leader on eco-tour voyages to the polar regions including the Antarctic, Arctic, Alaska and wild islands of Scotland. She has wintered at Antarctica’s Mawson Station, working as a field assistant on an emperor penguin project, and summered at Davis Station, working as a field assistant on a South Polar skua project. In 2010–11 Robyn and her partner Gary Miller spent four months living alone on Maatsuyker Island off the south-west corner of Tasmania, working as caretakers and weather observers.

Robyn is enthusiastic and encouraging in her teaching roles; she loves helping writers—whether emerging or established—to achieve their writing goals. Visit Robyn’s website at:

Photo: courtesy Kirsty Pilkingotn