Manuscript Assessment

TasWriters is pleased to offer a Manuscript Assessment Service to all members.

If you have been working on a manuscript, short or long, and feel the need for some expert feedback we can arrange an assessment for you. Please address your enquiry to and we will match you with a suitable assessor and get the process underway. Further instructions are below.

Our assessors are all qualified, published Tasmanian authors in a range of genres. Your assessment will incorporate answers to any specific questions you may want addressed, together with recommendations by the assessor as to how publishable the manuscript is currently and suggestions for improvements. This will be a four page written report.

We encourage you to submit a partially completed manuscript at any stage of development, as it is beneficial to get a sense of where your writing skills may need specialist assistance before you put long hours into completing a work. Of course, completed manuscripts are also eligible for assessment.

TasWriters also offers specialist workshops, and longer courses, where you may be guided to further develop your manuscript.

Manuscript Assessment Fees (all prices include GST)

Short manuscript up to 6000 words $460
Children’s picture books up to three works and 6000 words $370
Children’s/YA Fiction up to 50,000 words $670
Poetry collection up to 1500 lines $590
Fiction or non-fiction up to 50,000 words $670
Fiction or non-fiction up to 80,000 words $760
Fiction or non-fiction up to 90,000 words $790
Fiction or non-fiction up to 100,000 words $820
Fiction or non-fiction up to 110,000 words $850
Fiction or non-fiction up to 120,000 words $880

To book an assessment:

  1. Calculate the assessment fee from the table above.
  2. Email TasWriters at with the subject: Manuscript Assessment Enquiry. Attach a short synopsis of your work (2-3 paragraphs or dot points will do), your Word document (no illustrations please) and a list of any questions on which you would like specific feedback. Include in your email the manuscript title, word length, type, genre and audience (if applicable).
  3. We will engage an appropriate assessor and will contact you with further information including the bank account details for your assessment fee.
  4. Make your payment and email Admin with the confirmation.
  5. Your assessment report will be emailed to you within 3 weeks of your payment being received.

This service is only available to members, but if you are interested in joining first, an online membership sign-up is available here.

This is one of our most popular and effective services for moving your writing forward. If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at