Recommended Reads – November.

Recent Australian releaseThe Toy Maker by Liam Pieper

Adam Kulakov’s seems to have the perfect life. He loves his job as a toy maker, has more money than ever before and a loving wife and child. But secrets lie in the wings, waiting to topple the privileged life Adam holds dear.

The Toy Maker by Liam Pieper is a bold and gripping book about how the fear of losing our hearts desires can cause terrible harm.

“Hugely memorable, The Toy Maker is an unflinching examination of the dark instinct for survival that lies in all of us.” Hannah Kent, author of Burial Rites.

Tasmanian Recent Release – Into the World by Stephanie Parkyn.

Tasmanian author Stephanie Parkyn has written a fictional account based on the extraordinary true story of Marie-Louise Girardin’s life. Set during the French Revolution, Marie Louise escapes France, leaving behind her baby son. Disguised as a man she boards the Recherche, a ship commissioned to travel to the Southern Ocean and find the missing explorer La Perouse. This is a compelling novel filled with unlikely friendships, high seas and unexpected love.

Recent Kids Release Dunstan and Theodore picture books by Sharon J Yaxley.

Sharon Booth, under the name Sharon J Yaxley has created the Dunstan and Theodore series. These charming picture books follow the adventures of two teddy bears, Dunstan and Theodore as they explore Tasmania. Told through rhyme and rhythmic text and beautifully illustrated with pastel tones, these picture books are the perfect bedtime story.

Tasmanian Classic – The Meaning of Life by Bradley Trevor Grieve.

Award winning author Bradley Trevor Grieve’s ‘The Meaning of Life’ is a witty and uplifting book for anyone who loves animals and playful captions, grab a cup of tea and sit down for a break and a laugh, you might even find your true purpose along the way!