Recommended Reads – May

Australian Recent Release: Daughter of Bad Times by Rohan Wilson.

“It’s impossible not to consider, as you read Daughter of Bad Times, that everything in 2075 is already here now and we are doing nothing to stop it. An utterly compelling vision by one of our finest writers.” Heather Rose, bestselling author of The Museum of Modern Love

Rin Braden is distraught after the tragic death of her love, Yamaan, and the alarming reality of working for her mother’s corrupt private prison company. Miraculously, Yamaan survives, and winds up in an immigration detention facility in Australia, where he is trading his labour for a safe place to live. But his is no ordinary immigration facility. It is a manufactory built by her mother’s prison company to exploit the influx of environmental refugees.

Rin must find a way to free Yamaan before her past and a series of unwise choices catches up with them both.

“In its vision of the future, Daughter of Bad Times explores the truth about a growing inhumanity, as profit becomes the priority.” – Allen and Unwin.

Kids Recent Release: Pippa’s Island book 1: The Bookshop Cafe, by Belinda Murrell.

When Pippa’s family move to remote but beautiful Kira Island all the way from England, Pippa wonders if she will ever fit in, and when her mum decides to open a bookshop cafe, Pippa worries this mad venture will result in the loss of all their money. But with the help of her new friends, Meg, Charline and Cici, the cafe may just survive, and Pippa could discover that change isn’t so bad after all.

Kids aged 8-12 will love this series!

Tasmanian Recent Release: Back Roads by Heather Ewart and Karen Michelmore. Although the authors of this book are not Tasmanian, this book features Tasmanian towns, so we thought it would make a valuable entry to this months Recommended Reads.

“Discover the resilient and inspiring people who live outside the big Australian cities – indeed, off the beaten track altogether.”

This collection of stories from some of Australia’s most remote communities will remind you of the strength, humility and resourcefulness of the human spirit. You will meet incredible women like Joan Sinclair, who still rides horses in her 80’s, and Diane Reeves, a transgender former fairy farmer, truck driver, and shearer.

Based on the successful TV series on the ABC, Backroads is a fascinating and important read.

Tasmanian Classic: Red Shoes by Carmel Bird.

Petra Penfold-Knight, beautiful, charismatic and used to getting her own way, grows up to lead a religious cult, the devotees of which all wear red shoes.

Red Shoes is narrated by Petra’s guardian angel, a being with a unique view on the nature of reality, and the hidden side of female sexuality.

Subversive, witty and alluring, Petra’s angel guides us through Carmel’s complex and illuminating world. This book will make you think deeply, engage wholly, and most importantly, question.