What We’re Reading #3: Stephanie Eslake

Welcome to our new blog series, What We’re Reading. Each blog features a member of the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre team, shedding light on their literary journey by giving you a taste of the story they’ve welcomed into their lives.

What are you reading?

Stephanie Eslake, Marketing and Communications Manager:

Stephanie Eslake

I’m half-way through a book by Bret Easton Ellis called 
Rules of Attraction. I was drawn in by his chaotic and (incredibly) dark humour in American Psycho, and found myself curious to see how he ‘normally’ writes. Alas, his language here isn’t much different! The structure of this book fascinates me: the story is told by a different character every two-or-so pages. I find myself flicking back and forth through the book to remember what’s happening in each of their lives! I have no idea where it’ll end, though it doesn’t really matter. It gives a satirical and colourful snapshot of college life in the 1980s. Although I’m immediately repelled by the substance-fuelled culture and atmosphere, I still can’t put the book down.


Image: Sam Greenlagh via Flickr, CC2.0.