Pillow Talk – Top Five

Thanks to all the 58 poets across the state who provided the 72 entries for Pillow Talk.

These are the top five chosen by our three judges:
When I Met You
by Claire Jansen

I liked it when
you put your
arm around
my waist
I liked it when
you held me
I liked
not knowing
what would
happen next

Dreaming Beauty
by Jan Colville

I dream of beauty I can scarce describe –
Birdcalls in a still-dark dawn.
Streamers of pink-gold above cut-out trees.
Shawls of grey mist wrapping cold hills.
The midnight sky bright-splashed with stars.
A crescent moon quicksilvered in a gum tree.
These words are not enough,
but in my dreams
I’ll catch this beauty, touch it,
breathe it in and make it mine.

…sweet voices, sweet dreams…
by James Madden

Sweet voices…
heard over the static from passing cars
felt through the rain of pedestrian feet
smelt past the perfume body of coffee
tasted within a mouth full with flavour
tantalising in tone
undefined in expression
elusive in source
almost as though they were part of my
…sweet dreams

by Tilley

There is nothing now
but silence, where the chatter
endless filled my head;
one thought echoes in the space
and fades again.
head on his chest,
his breath and heartbeat
fill me, warm,
and in this sure and silent stillness,
there is no need for words.

I want
by Tony Brennan

coffee’s bitterness and a trace of chocolate biscuit
to live in one house and create a family
the clutter of books, beside a desk and bed
an old fireplace to use for kneeling
the joys of loving, fathering, singing and teaching
and to share it all more generously
to receive it all more gratefully
while holding it all more lightly
and ultimately to sleep long and well
then to wake, you in my bed, the morning light on your face