May Recommended Reads

 Australian Recent Release: The Radio Hour by Victoria Purman

From the bestselling author of The Nurses’ War comes this charming, funny, pointed look at the golden years of radio broadcasting in post-war Australia, celebrating the extraordinary unseen women who wrote the radio plays that held a nation captive. For readers of Lessons in Chemistry.

Martha Berry is fifty years old, a spinster, and one of an army of polite and invisible women in 1956 Sydney who go to work each day and get things done without fuss, fanfare or reward.

Working at the country’s national broadcaster, she’s seen highly praised talent come and go over the years but when she is sent to work as a secretary on a brand-new radio serial, created to follow in the footsteps of Australia’s longest running show, Blue Hills, she finds herself at the mercy of an egotistical and erratic young producer without a clue, a conservative broadcaster frightened by the word ‘pregnant’ and a motley cast of actors with ideas of their own about their roles in the show.

When Martha is forced to step in to rescue the serial from impending cancellation, she ends up secretly ghost-writing scripts for As The Sun Sets, creating mayhem with management, and coming up with storylines that resonate with the serial’s growing and loyal audience of women listeners.

But she can’t keep her secret forever and when she’s threatened with exposure, Martha has to decide if she wants to remain in the shadows, or to finally step into the spotlight.

“I loved this book! This is my second book by this author and both have been such fantastic and interesting books.” – Mandy White, Amazon buyer


Kids Recent Release: A Kids Book about ADHD by Elly Booth

Have you heard of ADHD? A person with ADHD has a unique way of experiencing the world around them, and sometimes, that can feel challenging. But this author believes there are powerful skills that come with this special way of experiencing life-and as a person with ADHD, she knows it’s true! Everybody’s brain works differently, and how cool is that?

Elly Both (she/her) is an Aussie mum living in the jungle in Singapore with her awesome family. She is passionate about protecting the planet and its inhabitants, and creating a more conscious and sustainable world.


Tasmanian Recent Release: Hidden Worlds: A Journey into Toogelow/Port Davey, South-west Tasmania by Peter Marmion

Mysterious, wild and remote, toogelow/Port Davey lies in south-west Tasmania. 

Hidden Worlds reveals a rich written and photographic portrait of Peter Marmion’s fifty years of experience, research and adventure in this beguiling World Heritage area.

“This is a book written from the heart.” – Janet Fenton, author of Win and Clyde (and daughter of the King of the Wilderness, Deny King)


Tasmanian Classic: The Agrarian Kitchen by Rodney Dunn

The much-anticipated first book from the founder of The Agrarian Kitchen in Tasmania.

When former Australian Gourmet Traveller food editor Rodney Dunn moved from Sydney to Tasmania, he and his wife Severine set about transforming a nineteenth-century schoolhouse into a sustainable farm-based cooking school.
Nestled in a misty valley outside Hobart, The Agrarian Kitchen struck a chord with people seeking respite from fast-paced lives and a meaningful connection with the food we eat and the land that produces it. This collection of recipes from the phenomenally popular cooking school celebrates the simple pleasures of cooking and eating in tune with the seasons, and the rhythm of a life lived close to the earth.