May Recommended Reads

Tasmanian Recent Release: The Signal Line by Brendan Colley.

Brothers Geo and Wes are testing their relationship now that their parents have passed away. Geo and Wes rarely agree on anything, especially not the sale of the Hobart family home. Geo needs the money to finance his musical career in Italy.  For Wes, the house represents the memory of their father, and what it means to live an honest, working life.

But then a ghost train appears in Hobart, often on the tram tracks that once existed, along with the Swedish man who has been pursuing it for 40 years.

Everyone it seems is chasing their dreams.  Or are they running from the truth?

The Signal Line is a warm-hearted, unforgettable novel about what we are all searching for, even when our personal dreams and aspirations have collapsed: love and acceptance.

The Signal Line is Brendan Colley’s debut novel, which won the University of Tasmania Prize for best new unpublished literary work in the 2019 Tasmanian Premier’s Literary Prizes.

Brendan works in education, and settled in Tasmania ten years ago. He spends his evenings alternating between writing and scanning the skies for alien activity. Brendan lives in Hobart.

Australian Recent Release: Bedtime Story by Chloe Hooper.

When Chloe Hooper’s partner is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive illness, she has to find a way to tell their two young sons. By instinct, she turns to the bookshelf. Can the news be broken as a bedtime tale? Is there a perfect book to prepare children for loss?

Hooper embarks on a quest to find what practical lessons children’s literature—with its innocent orphans and evil adults, magic, monsters and anthropomorphic animals—can teach about grief and resilience in real life. From the Brothers Grimm to Frances Hodgson Burnett and Tolkien and Dahl—all of whom suffered childhood bereavements—she follows the breadcrumbs of the world’s favourite authors, searching for the deep wisdom in their books and lives.

From the best-selling author of The Tall Man and The Arsonist, a personal tale about death, life and the enchantment of stories. With illustrations by the New York Times award-winning Anna Walker.

Kids Recent Release: Move That Mountain by Kate and Jol Temple (text) and Terri Rose Baynton (illustrations).

Move that Mountain is the story of a whale that has become stranded on the beach, and the tiny puffins who want to help. The book can be read from front to back, and from back to front, demonstrating that there are two sides to every story. It is a heart warming story that flips with the reverse read, and turns defeatism on its head to show that even the smallest voices can make a big difference!

A great read-aloud book to be enjoyed by ages 3+.

‘This book is about the big, HUGE, insurmountable problems we face in our world and it’s about the young people who work together to face them. They are an inspiration.’ Kate Temple

Kate and Jol Temple

Kate and Jol are based in Sydney and have written a range of children’s books, both picture books and chapter books. They have produced several book series, and are active in visiting schools to encourage and excite children about books and writing.

Terri Rose Baynton

Terri Rose grew up on a farm in New Zealand, and her love for the outdoors and a childhood filled with animals can be seen in her book illustrations.

Tasmanian Classic: Island Harvest – Celebrating the Seasons in a Tasmanian Kitchen by Karen Goodwin-Roberts, photography by Nick and Mitch Osbourne.

In this book, (2nd edition published in 2012), Karen Goodwin-Roberts takes her readers on a sumptuous journey through Tasmania’s four distinct seasons, delving into the island’s unspoilt waters and rich productive soils, and dishing up four delicious seasonal feasts. She shares her passion for Tasmania’s produce, and teams with vegetable growing expert Steve Solomon to provide growing, harvesting and storage tips. They are excited about Tasmania’s distinct seasons, which provide ideal conditions for the growing of a wide range of vegetables. This book shares the possibilities and the know-how to get us all growing and eating a varied, sustainable and well balanced diet.

The book presents these four fabulous feasts in equally enticing settings, with photography by Nick and Mitch Osbourne bringing the irresistible food and beautiful locations to the page.

Karen Goodwin-Roberts

Karen Goodwin-Roberts has over 30 years of experience as a chef, and was head of culinary training at Drysdale TAFE until 2016, when she took up a similar role at Pegasus College, Vietnam. She has written and contributed to several books about cooking and fresh ingredients,  focussing on Tasmania’s quality produce. 

Nick and Mitch Osbourne

Nick and Mitch Osbourne are photographers who have both worked extensively capturing and promoting Tasmania’s tourism, food and beverage industries.