Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon grew up in a very booky house, with two librarian parents, in a small town by the sea in Tasmania. She spent her childhood dreaming about being a writer, and spent many a lunch hour walking around the playground reciting poetry. Kate’s first book, Three Things About Daisy Blue – a Young Adult novel about travel, love, self-acceptance and letting go – was published in the Girlfriend series by Allen and Unwin in 2010. Her second book, Thyla, was published by Random House Australia in April 2011 and her third book, Vulpi was published in April 2012. Her latest book,Writing Clementine, was published in June 2014 by Allen and Unwin. Kate lives in Hobart, in a mint-green cottage, with her husband, her very strange cat, Mephy Danger Gordon, and a wonderful little girl who goes by the name of Tiger. Kate was the recipient of 2011 and 2012 Arts Tasmania Assistance to Individuals grants.