Kate Gallen: ‘Messy Fun’

This story was published in the Commissioner for Children Young Creative Writers Awards: Winning Entries 2015 book.

Kate Gallen received a Merit Certificate in the 9-11 age category. Entries for the 2016 awards are now open.

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Brown and squelchy

Under my gumboots

Soft sticky mud

Touching my feet

Seeping into my wellies

Cooling my toes inside

From splashing in muddy puddles


Mum calls for me

I’ve got gravy-covered boots

She calls me again

My wellies are ruined

I look at myself

Completely brown like a slug

From stomping in muddy puddles


I march inside

Mum eyes my bottom half

I wrestle my way out of my wellies

And feel my heels

Golden and sausagy

Freezing like chocolate ice-cream

From playing in muddy puddles