Karen Brooks, an article by Kia Powell

Dr Karen Brooks is another Tasmanian author who also focuses on writing historical fiction novels, aside from being an author, she also worked as a columnist, social commentator and academic. Most of her books are based around historical fiction stories which she derived from facts within history. Each book is written in an old timely fashion, depicting each small detail not only beautifully, but also allowing the reader to let their imagination run wild as
they read.

Karen is a sweet lady who loves to engage in her surroundings, having a delightful smile, loving not only her books, but the stories behind them and how the ideas dawned upon her. Karen expressed her love for not only writing but helping young writers with their writing as well. It’s obvious when speaking to Karen that she has a clear and immediate passion for writing, specifically historical fiction writing, having most of her books set in different times
as opposed to the present.

Karen deeply engaged in every aspect of our conversation and actively enjoyed listening about my own personal writing, sharing and giving me advice for each singular plot line. She showed her deep-rooted passion for not only writing but also helping other people with that same passion that she has. She is an active listener and a sharing person, not just during the interview but even after the interview as well.

In conclusion, Karen Brooks is a kind hearted individual who seemingly strives to help other people, especially those who share the same passion as herself.

You can learn more about Dr. Karen Brooks on her website karenbrooks.com
And her books are available in Tasmanian bookstores like Hobartbookshop and Fullers

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