July Recommended Reads

Tasmanian Recent Release: Rita’s Revenge by Lian Tanner

The town of Little Dismal has more than its fair share of clever animals, which is why they are now in danger. Can Rita – poet, outcast and duck – solve the case of the chook-napped Clara? A quacking mystery story from the award-winning author of A Clue for Clara.

The ducks of Little Dismal are angry. A scruffy chicken called Clara has been telling lies about them. They need revenge. Enter Rita – a duck with the soul of a poet. After an embarrassing talent night, Rita sees revenge on Clara as a chance to restore her reputation. But Rita finds more than revenge on her mission. She uncovers a dastardly plan to chook-nap the clever chicken that will take them both a long way from home. Luckily, it’s Rita’s unlikely friendship with a small human and the help of some street-smart birds that just might save the day and inspire an epic poem!

‘Jealousy, revenge, crime, adventure, duck poetry and laugh-out-loud comedy – Rita’s Revenge has it all! I adore this book.’ Katrina Nannestad, author of The Girl, the Dog, the Writer in Rome.


Australian Recent Release: The Path of Thorns by A.G. Slatter

A lush and twisted dark fairy tale suffused with witchcraft, dark secrets and bitter revenge from the award-winning author. Exquisite, haunting and at times brutal, readers of Naomi Novik and Erin Morgenstern will be entranced.

Asher Todd has come to live on the mysterious Morwood estate as a governess to the family’s children. Asher knows little about being a governess, but she is skilled in botany and herbcraft, and perhaps more than that. And Asher has dark and terrible secrets of her own – and Morwood is a house that eats secrets. With plans for a dreadful revenge, Asher plots. However, she becomes fond of her young charges, of the people of the Tarn, and begins to wonder if she will be able to execute her plan – who will suffer most if she does. But as the ghosts of her past become harder to control, Asher realises she has no choice.

From the award-winning author of ‘All the Murmuring Bones’, dark magic, retribution and twisted family secrets combine to weave a bewitching and addictive tale.


Tasmanian Recent Release: Undertow by Kim Bambrook

Kay wakes up on a floundering yacht. The Tasmanian coastline has receded, and her partner, Sam, has mysteriously disappeared. An eerie fog hinders visibility. With no means of communication with the outside world, Kay’s worst fears are realised: she is alone and isolated, her vessel off-course and lurching into the unknown. From the bow of a sinking yacht to remote and craggy coastlines, Kay’s journey is one of unexpected dangers and startling discoveries. In an unforgiving environment, Kay has to dig deep and trust her instincts. When life and death are on the table, the choices she makes will change her irrevocably.

“What a bracing, deeply evocative reminder of the ability of nature to both terrorise and heal. Undertow is a gripping celebration of the natural world and the human spirit. It made me want to live more, seek adventure, find an albatross.” Meg Bignell, author of The Sparkle Pages.

‘One woman’s gripping battle not only against the elements, but also her own fears and vulnerabilities.’ Les Zig, author of August Falling.


Tasmanian Classic: Antarctic Eye – The Visual Journey by Lynne Andrews

A stunning visual journey documenting over 200 years of Antarctic imagery, ranging from the historical and botanical to the modernist and postmodern. Features the work of over 50 artists.

Winner of the University of Tasmania prize for Best Book by a Tasmanian Publisher.