Good news: May 2016
  • Congratulations to Katherine Brabon on winning the Australian/Vogel Literary Award for her novel The Memory Artist. You can read an excerpt of the novel online for free here.
  • Writer and invasive species management specialist Nicole Gill has been granted a six-week residency at Lake St Clair enabling her to focus on two projects – a children’s book relating specifically to the location and an examination of solastalgia, which is the pain people feel as their natural environment environment is damaged.
  • Gina Mercer has been named recipient of our 2016 Prince Edward Island residency and will work on a collection of eco-poetry around the theme of water. She’ll also interview those working with or on the water and develop a series of monologues in their voice.
  • Verity Croker has been shortlisted for the Dante Rossetti Award (United States) for her young adult novel May Day Mine.
  • Young adult novel Talk Under Water by Kathryn Lomer has received a Notable Book Award from the Children’s Book Council of Australia.
  • Heather Rose and Danielle Wood (writing under the name Angelica Banks) have been shortlisted in the Best Children’s Fiction section of the Aurealis Awards for their book A Week Without Tuesday.