February Recommended Reads

Australian Recent Release: Max by Alex Miller.

“Always a truth seeker, with Max Alex Miller has written a wonderful work of non-fiction, as fine as the best of his novels.” Raimond Gaita, author of Romulus, My Father.

I began to see that whatever I might write about Max, discover about him, piece together with those shards of memory, it would be his influence on the friendships of the living that would frame his story in the present.

Alex Miller followed the breadcrumb trail of Max Blatt’s early life for five years. His story unfurled slowly to begin with, from the Melbourne Holocaust Centre’s records and then to Berlin’s Federal Archives. From there Max journeyed to  Wroclaw, Poland, Max’s hometown, and finally to Israel, with Max’s niece, Liat Shoham, and her brother Yossi Blatt. Here, at their home in the moshav Shadmot Dvora in the Lower Galilee, the mystery of Max’s legendary silence was revealed.

“Max is an astonishing and moving tribute to friendship, a meditation on memory itself, and a reminder to the reader that history belongs to humanity” – Allen and Unwin.

Tasmanian classic: The Dressmaker by Posie Graeme-Evans.

Set in 1850’s London at the height of the Victorian era, Posie Graeme-Evans fourth historical novel tells the story of Ellen Gowen, talented seamstress and a woman ahead of her time. One of very few women in Victorian England to own her own business, Ellen’s life is a privileged one, but it wasn’t always so.

The Dressmaker takes readers on an evocative journey through Ellen’s childhood and the pathways she took to achieve her dreams. Filled with romance, social intrigue and detailed descriptions of Victorian London and its colourful characters,The Dressmaker is an historical fiction not to be missed.

Kids Recent Release: What Zola Did on Thursday by Melinda Marchetta.

From the author of Looking for Alibrandi comes this delightful series to entertain and promote a love of books in newly independent readers.

Zola lives on Boomerang Street with her mum and her gonna. She loves it there where every day of the week is an adventure. But no matter how hard Zola tries, she can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Like on Thursday, when she and her friends upset their crotchety neighbor Mr Walton after they form a band…

The Zola series celebrates community, diversity, sustainability and family. Each story is heartwarming and mischievous in it’s own unique way, and will resonate with children from all backgrounds.

Tasmanian Recent Release: Nowhere Else by Timothy Bristow and Natalie Martin.

Billy has been looking forward to his trip to Tasmania for ages, but when he sets off on a week-long holiday with his Gran, he gets much more than just an extraordinary adventure, because Tasmania is a place like Nowhere Else.

A fun and confidence building children’s book written in ‘OpenDyslexic’ font, Nowhere Else is a tale that empowers even the most challenged readers to dream big and never give up on achieving all that they’re capable of.