World Building: Making a world of your own with Cary Lenehan

Date and time: 23rd August 2020 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Making a world of your own

Course Outline: In this interactive course we will look at the concept of creating a world for a fantasy writer. We will talk about the considerations to bear in mind with building a world. In this we will reflect on things like gravity, the length of year, and the effect of moons. We will then look at, once you have a world, how to people it, and look at where people want to settle and how they settle, what sort of settlements they build, religions, and how all of this affects your writing. The course is designed for any level of participation, from a person who has no scientific background up. By the end of the module participants will have the outlines of a world (or worlds) and the tools to go on and create a place to set the tales they wish to write.

Please note the presenter has flagged that there will be time for questions at the end so the workshop may run long

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