Children’s Festival Events.

If you have littlies who love stories they will adore our children’s festival events. Come along on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of September for some wonderful family time with these great sessions to choose from:

Book Nook

Bring your kids along to hear a range of fantastic children’s authors read their stories on the hour throughout Saturday and Sunday. In between readings they can snuggle up with a book from our book shelf.

Saturday the 16th:


The Moonlight Bird and the Grolken by Anne Morgan.

“Once upon a moonlight night, a bird flew over the mountain. She whirred like a swallow, she flicked like a bat, and her glimmering lit up the eyes of a grolken. The Grolken wants to capture the bird and lock her up so she will sing and dance for him. The people want the bird to sing, dance and light up their lives … but the bird just wants to fly free.”

This beautiful picture book teaches children about the concepts of possession, loss and freedom.


When I was a Boy in Sudan by Sarafino Enadio

When I was a Girl in Sudan by Paskalina Eiyo

These picture books, told through memories and anecdotes, reveal stories of life in the Ma’di African community and show how communities can embrace refugees and their stories.


Underneath a Cow by Ann Martin (featuring Paul Martin on clarinet)

A kindly cow helps shelter a group of small animals from a fierce storm and teaches them how to stay brave.


The Freedom Finders by Emily Conolan

This series explores Australian Immigration stories from colonisation to the present day.


Hairy Mollet by Tania Walker

An intriguing story about a friendly fantasy creature somewhere in between a sloth and a bear, Hairy Mollet is an engaging story for young readers.

Sunday the 17th:


Katie and the Red Rubber Ball by Jenny Fitzgibbon

This book is a delightful story that builds upon traditions of confidence, resilience, flexibility and inspiration. The story is complemented with a series of engaging illustrations by Rachel Tribout.

Appropriate for ages 2-5


Moonbow by Fiona Levings

We’ve all heard of a rainbow, but what about a moonbow? Myrtlewump and Mutterbee are two best friends who do not always agree. When one room faces east and the other faces west, how can they tell that they are just looking at different versions of the same thing? Tasmanian-based author and illustrator Fiona Levings has brought to life two unlikely friends who will teach us about curious things in the night and the nature of friendship.

Appropriate for ages 3-6


Cyclone Christmas by Verity Crocker

Cyclone Tracy is making its way towards Darwin. Will things ever be the same for Kirsten?Appropriate for ages 8-12


Daniel the Devil by Steve and Marion Isham

An interactive rescue story about a Tasmanian devil called Daniel. Solve riddles and discover 25 Tasmanian animals. Appropriate for ages 9-12


Sunday Morning Festival sessions especially for children: 

The World is Great and I Am Small Bradley Trevor Grieve with Nicole Gill

Best selling author Bradley Trevor Grieve will read from his latest book, showcasing stunning images of tiny yet exquisite insects and animals that are often overlooked. An uplifting and gently irreverent celebration of nature, language and philosophy. Be prepared for astonishment and laughter.

10am-11am, Sunday 17th September

$10 per child. Children must be accompanied by a parent (free).

Children are encouraged to dress as their favourite bug or creature.


Let’s Draw Too Many SheepChristina Booth

Christina Booth, award winning illustrator and author of more than 20 children’s books reads her rollicking bedtime story, and shows children how to draw the sheep from her book, Too Many Sheep.

10am-11am, Sunday 17th September

$10 per child. Children must be accompanied by a parent (free).

Children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite sheep.


Children’s Book Launches

Book Launch: Trouble Tomorrow by Terry Whitebeach and Sarafino Enadio, launched by Arnold Zable – Saturday 16th at 1.00pm. Free event.

Based on a true story, this compelling novel tells an incredible tale of courage, resilience and hope, about a Sudanese boy who survives civil war, a treacherous journey and many years in a refugee camp before finding peace.

Book Launch: Free Diving by Lorrae Coffin, illustrated by Bronwyn Houston. Sunday 17th at 11.30am. Free event.

This beautiful children’s picture book is a poignant tribute to the Indigenous men and women who worked in Western Australia’s pearling industry as ‘free divers’ in the late nineteenth century.


For older children:

Remarkable Journey’s – Tim Cope and Tigon the dog

Sunday 17th September, 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Australian adventurer Tim Cope, desiring to understand the nomadic way of life, embarked on a remarkable journey: 6,000 miles on horseback across the Eurasian steppe from Mongolia through Kazakhstan, Russia, and the Ukraine to Hungary. Tim discusses his book On the Trail of Genghis Khan and introduces his dog Tigon.

$20 full price, $15 concession.