Make a Submission to Arts Cuts Inquiry

Here at the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre, we were dismayed by the Federal Government’s announcement it would cut $104.8 million from The Australia Council.

These cuts will have huge impacts on writer organisations like TWC. A Senate Inquiry has been called to investigate the issue.

Everyone is welcome to make a submission to the Inquiry – the more submissions the Inquiry receives, the more impact it will have.

Your submission can take any form you like – written, illustrated, audio or visual. Your submission could include:

– your credentials or connection to the sector

– comments you want to make about the Commonwealth Government’s budget decisions in 2014 and 2015

– the reason for your views

– the potential impact of these budget decisions on the arts/writing

– your experience in/of the arts/writing.

You are welcome to copy and paste and alter from the Writers Victoria submission here.

Submissions are due this Friday, July 17.

An online petition by the Australian Unions is being held here – feel free to add your name.