Alyssa Bermudez, an article by Kia Powell


Alyssa Bermudez is an author and illustrator who currently lives in Tasmania. She’s not only got her own books but also illustrates for other authors as well. Alyssa is an art teacher in her spare time for children, teens and also adults. Alyssa’s most well-known book, ‘Big Apple Diaries’ is influenced by her own diary entries from when she was younger, recalling her experiences from how life had changed in New York after the unfortunate 9/11 attack had occurred.

Alyssa shows an obvious passion for her work and clear pride and confidence in said work. With each sentence written in the emails we had exchanged it was clear that Alyssa enjoys this line of work. Alyssa speaks about how some parts of writing, even if they seem difficult, can become something amazing in the end. Alyssa speaks about how difficult the publishing process is, since you need to meet the right people and get invited by them to view your work.

“I think all great writing is influenced somewhat by personal experience.” States Alyssa, and honestly? I personally believe that it is true. Alyssa took something that was so personal yet made it into a beautifully illustrated graphic novel. Just further proving that she is a powerful artist and storyteller.

Alyssa not only shares her experiences with others but shares her passions and even talents with other people as well. She answered each of my questions with a burning passion which was obvious in the words she had typed. Even if there was an expected delay on the replies for this interview, it was under completely understandable circumstances, I wish to congratulate her on her newborn baby. This made it even more lovely to hear from Alyssa and hear what her thoughts and ideas were.

In conclusion, Alyssa Bermudez is an actively passionate person who strives to show others her passion for art and teaching others how to illustrate. Alyssa loves what she does and, clearly, it shows not only in her books but in her writing as well. Alyssa is an inspiration to young authors “I will never forget the feeling of my work being so valued and believed in.”, giving us all something to look forward to.

You can learn more about Alyssa on her website
And her books are available in Tasmanian bookstores like Hobartbookshop and Fullers

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