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TasWriters is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation. Our mission is to support Tasmania’s writing community to tell powerful stories, connect with readers, and build sustainable careers.

We have a solid history of presenting high profile events and valuable workshops. Our latest flagship event saw 600 people attend renowned philosopher A C Grayling present the 2017 Tasmanian Writers & Readers Festival opening address, along with the announcement of the inaugural Emerging Tasmanian Aboriginal Writing Award in the Theatre Royal. The recent Tasmanian Readers and Writers Festival attracted an audience of over 2000 across a range of public events at Hadley’s Orient Hotel and GASP.

These are in addition to ongoing workshops, readings, talks, and mentor programs we offer year-round.

While both the Tasmanian and Australian governments have been supportive of TasWriters, we are now facing an uncertain future. As we operate within a field of art that has become highly commercialised, confusing and at times very isolating, this support has become all the more essential.

Now more than ever, we need your help.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us as we provide core services for writers and extend our services to focus on young writers, online communities, and regional opportunities across the state.

Over the next year we will showcase community-led initiatives and build on our peer-led program and unique Indigenous cultural history. Our priorities for access and diversity can be seen through some of our following projects:

  • Development workshops for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander authors based in Tasmania
  • Professional development and monthly meetings with industry professionals for young writers aged 18-25 as part of our Twitch program
  • Connecting writers with low literacy audiences to encourage reading and writing with the Plain English project, in partnership with 26/10
  • Opportunities for regional Tasmanians to attend workshops, events, and gatherings

Your donation will be greatly appreciated by TasWriters. Please help us as we continue to provide opportunities to the state’s writers and readers.

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Should you wish to donate a different amount, please call us on 03 62240029.